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Bl chat room sex

Air pollution has been linked to kidney and bladder cancer, showing toxic particles may cause harm beyond the lungs.A ground-breaking study has found microscopic ‘PM2.5’ particles from car exhausts can raise someone’s risk of dying from kidney or bladder cancer by almost 15 per cent.

A solicitor's son burned his brother to death as he slept beside his girlfriend in the horrific culmination of a feud that had gone on for years.

She also heard Cameron and Rebecca screaming.'Miss Williams managed to roll on to the floor and crawl out of the room into the kitchen where she was unable to open the back door so put her head in the fridge to protect herself from the fire.

David Logan, 55, the brothers' father, tried to get into the living room but was beaten back by the intensity of the smoke and flames.

The threat for kidney and bladder cancer came from PM2.5 particles, which are so microscopic they are inhaled deep into the lungs.

Measured in milligrammes per metre cubed (ug/m3), around one in 10 come from road transport.

Pollution levels in 43 of our largest towns and cities are so high they breach global safety limits.

The cost is put at 40,000 premature deaths a year and six million sick days.When the researchers examined people’s exposure to these particles, they found each 4.4 ug/m3 increase in exposure raised the risk of dying from kidney cancer by 14 per cent, and bladder cancer by 13 per cent.Bowel cancer was linked with nitrogen dioxide, which is now known to be produced in larger quantities by diesel cars than petrol.Psychology student Cameron Logan was doused in petrol then set alight by his older brother Blair at their parents' home on New Year's Day.Cameron's girlfriend Rebecca Williams, 25, saw him die and was badly burned herself but survived after managing to crawl away.A computer seized from Blair's bedroom showed that he had carried out internet searches on burns victims as far back as October.

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