Boot camp for troubled young adults in texas

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As he investigated, he found that many of the school’s “cadets” were afraid to talk.

The result: Abuse isn’t reported until long after it was committed, which makes prosecutions nearly impossible.The Saving Youth Foundation, like the Restoration Youth Academy before it, portrayed the organization as deeply religious and a final hope for parents with troubled teens, but victims of the center say it was mostly sadistic torture and caused many to suffer from PTSD.But what Kennedy had found behind the school’s forbidding metal gates disturbed him.“You don’t do that to a human being."But the insanity had only begun.The boys' barracks at the Saving Youth Foundation (SYF), which had boarded up windows and isolation cells.He wanted to know what the boy had done to deserve such treatment.

Knott, a squat, powerfully built ex-sailor, calmly explained his rationale: “He’s got an attitude.“These are throwaway children,” says Jodi Hobbs, the president of the nonprofit group, Survivors of Institutional Abuse.“They are looked at as dollar signs, not as individuals.”One of the most common types of private programs for errant youths are the virtually unregulated religious schools, many of which push fundamentalist Christian beliefs and employ violently harsh discipline against enrollees.Drill instructors, including Knott, frequently punched them, choked them and body-slammed them as they worked out.On his first day in the program, one boy claimed, Knott crouched down next to him, and, after yanking his head up by his hair, started pounding his skull against the floor while shouting, “You will exercise until has either provided anonymity to the minors in the program or changed their names to protect their privacy.)Kennedy wanted to protect the cadets from abuse, but he also knew he lacked the hard evidence needed to make an arrest.Like the Restoration Youth Academy before it, the SYF was billed as the last hope for teens with drug addiction and mental illness.