Boyfriend still logs into dating site

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Boyfriend still logs into dating site - herpesdatingforum com

He had been on various dating sites before we met and whilst we were together I had a feeling he was still checking his mail and maybe even chatting to others, we really did get on well and I couldn't understand it, to be fair though I was curious who my mail was off for a while so I used to have sneaky peeks.

We swapped numbers and then were texting all day every day (by his initiation).I wish I hadn't come off it now, but I can hardly just go back on again as he'll wonder why I've done that. Really not sure I should say something to him about it, as he'll know i've been on checking.I'm thinking I should just bide my time and see if he comes off naturally if our relationship progresses. This is supposed to be an exciting time, but this is casting a bit of a cloud over it Anon, Ive been there with my now bf of 18 months!He seems a genuinly nice man and says he likes me very much.It's just really bothering me, especially as he indicated that he was going to come off.So this year, I'm just gonna go ahead and hit Delete when I feel like I've found someone really promising.

After all, if he doesn't feel the same, I can always log back on. Tell me what types of things you guys are doing differently this year.' which started a bit of an argument on the site between us Then we realised we were both getting upset about the same thing, so together we spoke about it and came off it together, silly really as perhaps we should of spoken about it earlier, but u don't know wot to say do u?I would definately bring it up with him, u also need to know for sure were u stand with this guy, it may just be a misunderstanding like ours was, or it maybe that he does have feelings for u but has become a bit addicted and can't help the curiosity of checking his mail etc.People can get the wrong impression, and then before you know it he's gone and updated his profile and added five new photos simply because you logged in to see the last time he logged in.That's a mess I don't want to be involved don't want him thinking that he can just ignore your texts! i think honestly is totally the best policy esp early in a new relationship...things like this are easily forgiven i think.

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