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" Floating Assets " are those assets which in the ordinary course of business are continually changing, and which are intended either for consumption in the ordinary process of manufacture or trading opera- tions, or for sale, and such intermediate forms (Book Debts, Bills Receivable, &c.) as they may take in the process of conversion into cash. This latter class of indirect wastage is known as " Depreciation." The true profits of an undeirtaking cannot be ascertained without first of all charging against Revenue the amount of loss sustained under the heading Depre- ciation, but in this particular instance it is usual to ignore Depreciation, because it is thought undesirable to allow large sums of money (such as will be necessary to rehabili- tate the Capital assets) to remain indefinitely in the hands of the .ship's manager; but when this course is pursued, it is important to bear in minfl p that the Revenue Account, omitting as it does to \ provide for Depreciation, does not show the true profit \earned ; while, on the other hand, the Capital assets, being retained in the books at a figure exceeding their actual value, are ermanent equipment of the undertaking, which, as such, are not intended for realisation.

distribution of Gas, and lighting Investments Repairs and Maintenance of Works, Cash Plant, Mains and Meters General Establishment Charges Law Costs Parliamentary Charges (Oppositions) Depreciation of Leaseholds Interest Bad Debts Dividends to Proprietors CAPl T/i L AND REVENUE. Receipts on Capital Account — Fixed Liabilities Receipts on Capital Account— Floating Liabilities Receipts on Revenue Account Moneys received from Proprietors (in- cluding Premiums) Moneys received from holders of De- benture Stock, Mortgages, and Bonds _ Debts due for Materials supplied and Expenses incurred Undivided Profits Unallocated Provision for Losses Sale of Gas Rent of Meters Sale of Residual Products Rents Received Transfer Kees Other Income (t) A Railway Company. Capital ICxpenditure on Fixed Assets Capital Expenditure on Floating Assets (deficiencies in which must be made good out of Revenue) Revenue Expenditure Expenditure on Lines open for General . 486 9 5 Interest 1,587 7 8 Bank Charges 69 10 o Commission ..

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X [ Digitized by IRe ' I ntef net Archlv fc in 2007 with funding from Microsoft Corooration 'ADVANCED ACCOUNTING' BY ^ LAWRENCE R. This failure may arise from the work being allowed to get into arrear, or through errors (whether inadvertent or fraudulent) being allowed to arise.

Preliminary F^xpenses Compensation Rates and Taxes Government Duty - Interest on borrowed Money Dividends to Proprietors CREDIT BALANCES Receipts on Capital Account — Fixed Liabilities Moneys received from Proprietors (including Premiums) JNloneys received from Creditors on F'ixed Loans or issue of Debenture Stock (including Premiums) Receipts on Capital Account — Floating Liabilities Debts due to other Companies .\mount due to Clearing House Sundry Liabilities for Purchases and Expen- diture Temporary Loans Lloyd's Bonds Insurance Funds Undivided Profits Unallocated Provision for Losses Receipts on Revenue Account Keceipta from Passengers, Parcels, &c. A system of accounts ma)- be well designed to meet the requirements of any particular undertaking, and may yet fail to achieve its purpose through slackness on the part of tho:e on whom the duty of supervision devolves.

Expenditure on Lines in course of Accounts due from Clearing H Duse Locomotive Power Construction Accounts due from Post Office Carriage and Wagon Repairs Expenditure on Rolling Stock Sundry Outstanding Accounts Traffic Expenses Subscriptions to other Railways Investments General Charges Expenditure on Docks, Steamboats, Cash Law Charges &c. Shares in other Com- panies (d) A Colliery Company. Capital Expenditure on Fixed Assets Capital Expenditure on Floating Assets (deliciencies in which must be made good out of Revenue) Revenue Expenditure Cost of acquiring Property, Build- ings, Plant and Machinery Cost of developing and opening up - Property . Stores Consumed Wages of getting and handling Coal Carriage Depreciation of Rolling Siock Interest (including that paid under Hire- Purchase Agreements) Dividends to Proprietors l O ADVANCED ACCOUNTING. Receipts on Capital Account — Fixed Liabilities Receipts on Capital Account— Floating Liabilities Receipts on Revenue Account Receipts from Shareholders, Deben- ture-holders, and Mortgagees (in- cluding Premiums) Sundry Creditors for Goods supplied and Ex- penses incurred Undivided Profits Unallocated Provision for Losses Sale of Coals Rents Transfer Fees Other Income (e) A Commercial Company. Receipts on Capital Accounts — Fixed Liabilities Receipts on Capital Account —Floating Liabilities Receipts on Reveime Account Receipt from Proprietors, Ddbcniure- holders, and Mortgagees Premiums on issue of Shares or Debentures Oaisianding Creditors Unallocated Provision for Losses Undivided Profits Sales of Goods Discounts Transfer Fees Miscellaneous Receipts CHAPTER III. UNDER this heading may be included those arrangements which are designed to, as far as possible, ensure the accuracy and regularity of accounts in all respects.

" Revenue Receipts " are those which properly arise out of the business operations of the undertaking — i.e., earnings.

Cash and all forms of temporary investment are also included under this heading. Branch Accounts — Problems — Foreign Branches — Problem — Departmental Accounts — Problem ... The chapters dealing chiefly with questions of principle follow the normal lines, although numerous para- graph headings have been introduced to facilitate B ADVANCED ACCOUNTING. Those chapters, however, which explain actual operations in practical book- keeping are in each case illustrated by pro -forma problems introducing the various points to be elucidated. It is perhaps desirable to add a word as to the manner in which the subject has been handled. - - - - - 3/6 GEE & CO., Printers and Publishers, 34 Moorgate Street, London, E. Revenue Expenditure consists of all those expenses incurred in connection with the earning of Revenue, including Deprecia- tion of Fixed and Floating Assets. Capital Expenditure on Fixed Assets Capital Expenditure on Floating Assets (deficiencies in which must be made good out of Revenue) Revenue Expenditure Cost of Ship Cost of Structural Improvements Coals Stores Provisions, &c. "Auditing: A Practical Manual for Auditors." (Fifth Edition) - 21/- *' Bookkeeping for Accountant Students." (Fourth Edition) - 10/6 •* Bookkeeping for Company Secretaries." (Second Edition) - 3/6 " Bookkeeping Exercises for Accountant Students " - - 3/6 *' Goodwill, and its Treatment in Accounts." (Second Edition) - 3/6 " Bankruptcy Trustee's Estate Book." (Second Edition) - - 4/- " Profits Available for Dividend " - - - - 2/6 "Auctioneers' Accounts" - - - - - 3/6 " Solicitors' Accounts " . Unless the business is upon a cash basis there will, however, alwavs be some discrepancy between the actual earnings and the receipts in respect thereof, and the proper item to credit to Revenue Account will be the true earnings for the period, rather than the actual receipts in cash. Shortly stated, the position of affairs here is that the proprietors agree to find among them a certain sum of money, which is thought sufficient for the pur- poses of their undertaking.