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In 1914, Ontario's third largest public art gallery was founded in Hamilton; the gallery contains 8,500 works in its permanent collection.

Most people find it hard to find a mate in a large city, and Hamilton is no exception. With a population of over 600,000 people, Hamilton (traditionally known as a steel town due to its large steel manufacturing companies) is a port city at the west end of Lake Ontario.In 2001, the city amalgamated with the Hamilton-Wentworth townships to Regional Municipality to form the new City of Hamilton.The city's build was gradual, with the first police board and town limits defined in 1833.The city achieved official status on June 9th, 1846 by an act of Parliament and the first library built in 1890.In the years 1877-1878, Hamilton housed the first commercial phone service in Canada - this was the British Empire's first telephone exchange and the second exchange in North America.

Stelco and Dofasco, two large steel manufacturing companies were formed in 19.

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Hamilton's industrial businesses expanded the population greatly and other American companies followed suit, such as Proctor & Gamble and the Beech-Nut Packing Company.