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My body, only I know, and of course Allah knows the best.Selama ni kalau orang lain bercerita tentang kesakitan akibat kesan jahitan even anak dah berusia setahun pun, I tak tahu nak bagi komen/respon.

Contains NO masking analgesic products to hide symptoms.(I think the letter will be refered by herself laa, hahaha).I have no idea why she didn't talk about pregnancy prevention at all...Claims of breast enlargement of one half inch in 45 days has been substantiated.In several other cases, enlargement of three inches in a nine month period were documented.Furthermore, I gave birth through c-sect, which normally doctor/gynae will suggest us (c-sect mommies) to get pregnant after 2 or 3 years.

Somehow it mean that it is not okey to become pregnant again too soon (less than a year).For other methods such as implant, IUD, injection and etc., I was so afraid to even hear the names, huhu...So, my Love and I decided to stick to "our method" - the natural method that people used to call it as "buang luar" (withdrawal in english, correct me if I'm wrong)...But yes, we are just planning, Allah decided the best. Talking about get pregnant too soon, in less than a year(11 months to be exact), I believe each person has their own health condition.The dangerous period is in the first 6 months, dikhuatiri jahitan akan terbuka bila rahim mengembang, but still it depends on that person herself.At the first place, I have no intention to take any contraceptive pills or whatsoever methods to avoid the pregnancy.

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