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Important: there are 2 requirements in order for the app to be considered, listed below.The app synchronizes with Google Tasks using the official Tasks API, so you won't have to worry about losing your data - it lives in the cloud.Yup, that also means tasks are synchronized between all your Android devices.July 14, 2017 Here is a collection of some good educational i Pad apps to help you with the teaching/learning of physics.This collection is specifically curated for high school students and teachers and is based on i Tunes list of high school apps.Build your space fortress any way you wish, set up wide variety of weapons and traps and let the invasions begin.

FEATURES • Tower Defense set in the Radiant Universe• Build your own route for incoming waves of enemies!You may want to go through it and see which ones work for you.If you have other suggestions to add to the list please share with us in our Facebook page. 1- Coaster Physics ‘What are the laws of Physics governing the motion of a roller coaster? How does the g-force change at different points along the track?Speed Clock includes three separate speed measurement tools and two distance estimation tools.’ 11- Building Parallel Circuits ‘Using 3D graphics and 2D electronic symbols, you will build simple parallel circuits by using wires, batteries, switches, and light bulbs.By constructing their own closed circuit with two light bulbs, you will develop a deeper understanding of series and parallel circuits and discover that electricity follows the path of least resistance.’ 12- Electrons ‘Electrons is a charged particle simulator for i Pad.Grab the free full-featured version of Tasks N Todos or go for the Pro version that adds a few premium features (multiple photo attachments, custom ringtones) here.