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She leads the genetically informative research into mathematical development in the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS) at King’s College, London; and directs the Russian School Twin Registry (RSTR). Dyslexia across languages: orthography and the brain-gene-behavior link. ISBN 978-1-59857-185-1 Genetics of learning abilities and disabilities: implications for cognitive neuroscience and translational research Kovas, Yulia and Plomin, Robert. Genetics of learning abilities and disabilities: implications for cognitive neuroscience and translational research. Child neuropsychology: concepts, theory, and practice. The goal of her research programme is to provide insights into the development of individual differences in cognitive abilities, emotional and motivational processes and academic achievement. in 2007 from the SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry.

In addition to being the Director of In Lab, she co-directs the International Centre for Research in Human Development (ICRHD) at Tomsk State University and the Russian-British Laboratory for Behavioural Genetics at the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow.

Understanding the origins of variation in these traits will ultimately lead to more personalised educational approaches and to better education for all learners. Her thesis on Generalist Genes and Mathematics explored the origins of the individual differences in school mathematics.

She received a degree in Literature and Linguistics as well as teaching qualifications from the University of St Petersburg, Russia in 1996 and taught children of all ages for 6 years. Sc in Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London in 2003 and an MSc in Social, Genetic, and Developmental Psychiatry from the SGDP Centre, King’s College.

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2009 - British Science Association Fellowship to attend Science Communication Conference, 22-23 June, 2009, London.

2009 - Goldsmiths Early Careers Research Award: Assessing individual differences in specific numerical ability in 16-year olds: Validation study.

2008 - Fellowship from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Strategic Programme Fund of the British Consulate-General in Osaka to visit research Institutes/Laboratories in Japan, to present work and to form collaborations.

2008 - British Psychological Society Award For Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology.

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Yulia Kovas is Professor of Genetics and Psychology at Goldsmiths, and a visiting Professor at University of Sussex (UK), New York University in London, Tomsk State University (Russia) and Higher School of Economics (Russia). Persistent Genetic and Family-Wide Environmental Contributions to Early Number Knowledge and Later Achievement in Mathematics Across Childhood.

A major focus of the research is on numerical ability, mathematics, spatial ability, as well as creativity - STEAM fields. 2012- date: Visiting professor at Tomsk State University 2012- date: Behavioural Genetics course. 2015- date: Behavioural Genetics and Neurogenetics course. 2008-date: Introduction to Psychology at New York University in London. Past Teaching 2012-2016: MSc Science of Psychology, Genetics, & Education. 2007-2011: Lecturer/Reader at Goldsmiths: diverse teaching responsibilities, including coordinating and teaching the 3rd year course in Behavioural Genetics; lectures in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (3rd year); Research Methods Labs (2nd year); lectures and project supervision on MSc in Research Methods in Psychology; 2nd and 3rd year project supervision; project supervision on MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience; Ph D supervision.