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(However, now that we have reached December, can we all agree that grayling reported are assumed to be caught on the nymph, unless I state otherwise? On the same day, LS from Walsall with a friend booked Doldowlod, but something went wrong with the system (the folks at WUF are checking) and they didn't receive the map and directions upload link.

So the 2017 season ended with nothing more to report, although there may just possibly be something submitted after the holidays.Three cormorants are there today, sitting hunched like undertakers on a cigarette break.This tree is a roost and a fishing platform; it's never empty.There are no less than 13, which move off downstream from the grayling run as I approach." Each generation of anglers and river keepers seem to have their own worries about predators.It's the case that cormorants used to be rare birds, and birds of the coast at that.It was a relatively warm day, the gauge at Cilmery was on 0.58 and he caught 13 grayling.

I was interested to read that 8 of them were taken on the dry fly.

And of course there is the Bell Inn, invitingly present by the bridge at the head of the beat, so that it is difficult to go home without popping in to check the taste of the beer.

RH also saw a dead eel, which is less encouraging (I'm assuming it was an eel, not one of the last post-spawning lamprey corpses).

After Boxing Day, more snow, more rain, then a gradual thaw which kept the rivers running fuller than ever; there were no more fishing chances during 2017. On the 1st of December PA from Bridgnorth was unlucky enough to lose a rod with reel and line somewhere below the bridge at Lyepole.

As I recall, the Lugg was already going quite hard then, but I'm sure this should turn up sooner or later.

At this point the weather became really difficult, with first heavy rain and then snow.