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Happn is the hopeless romantic among dating apps, though the concept can sound a little creepy at first.A lot of apps like Tinder simply show you people within a few miles of you.

Let’s face it; entrepreneurs have strange personalities.

When dating entrepreneurs, it’s either bust or all in, rarely something in the middle. The important thing to understand when dating an entrepreneur is that there is a certain level of delayed gratification.

I dated several girls that from a logical perspective, probably made the best decision to not date me, because I was absolutely broke. Instead of seeing the potential, we often judge people on where they are today rather than on where they’re headed.

We don’t record the exact journeys of people, we just remember the crossing points."Happn got its start in Paris, France, but has since expanded to 3 million registered users with strong followings in London and New York City.

After raising a total of million in a seed and Series A funding, Rappaport told Business Insider Happn "first million users in first 11 months, the second million after two and half months, and the third million within the following 50 days," Rappaport said.

If up to this point you’ve only dated people in traditional 9 to 5 jobs, you may be at a loss when it comes to the mindset and habits of your new love.

Perhaps you wonder if they even have mental problems!This doesn’t mean that they’re bipolar, but reading books like will help you understand how entrepreneurs are wired.The main thing to be aware of is that something can happen at any time that causes the person you’re dating to shift their thinking.Happn goes one step beyond: When you open it on your phone, We wanted to bring back reality into the dating world," Happn founder and CEO Didier Rappaport told Business Insider."We think that every day you cross paths with people, and most of them, you miss them, because you do not have the time to talk with them or because there was some missed connection."Even the term "missed connection" likely conjures up images of cringe-worthy Craiglist posts, but Rappaport says he wanted to bring that concept into the modern age.Now keep this in mind; this tendency may be more exaggerated when someone is in their early twenties, and they’ll likely settle down by the time they’re in their thirties. On Friday night’s we had to stay home because I couldn’t afford to go to a movie, so instead we went to Blockbuster and rented a movie or watched the same movie 50 times, over and over again.

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