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All packets sent over a network connection are checked with a CRC.Also each data block on your harddisk has a CRC value attached to it.

I added som test-code like this: This message is an initial message that the decoder sends to the RCM software and that "opens" the RCM software for recieving data from the decoder.

In this example we have used a one byte long checksum which gives us 256 different values.

Using a two byte checksum will result in 65,536 possible different checksum values and when a four byte value is used there are more than four billion possible values.

This number is divided by a certain value and the remainder of the calculation is called the CRC.

Dividing in the CRC calculation at first looks to cost a lot of computing power, but it can be performed very quickly if we use a method similar to the one learned at school. Please refer to your schoolbooks as the binary calculation method here is not very different from the decimal method you learned when you were young. Also notations differ between countries, but the method is similar.

Modern computer world cannot do without these CRC calculation. The answer is simple, they are powerful, detect many types of errors and are extremly fast to calculate especially when dedicated hardware chips are used.

One might think, that using a checksum can replace proper CRC calculations.We might conclude that with a four byte checksum the chance that we accidentily do not detect an error is less than 1 to 4 billion. In practice, bits do not change purely random during communications.They often fail in bursts, or due to electrical spikes.So calculating a checksum may be a simple method for detecting errors, but doesn't give much more protection than the parity bit, independent of the length of the checksum.The idea behind a check value calculation is simple.Since the beginning of computer science, people have been thinking of ways to deal with this type of problem.

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