Camp non adult playground

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Cantilevered tops and cut out areas allow easy wheelchair access for children and adults.The pavilion offers both adult and accessible water fountains, as well as accessible restrooms with baby changing tables.

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Ramps connect structures Swings have high backs, arm rests and special safety features Rubber surfacing allows wheelchairs to roll easily Lowered monkey bars provide easy access Equipment is designed to be sensory rich so all children can participate with peers Wider openings allows easy access to play structures Other features include a carousel and a picnic pavilion.

If you do not make the required payments and/or deposits your reservation will be removed from our system, sorry. * Painted Oaks Academy has 24hr Digital Surveillance Pricing: Information and pricing subject to change at any time without notice. This includes Cyber Bulling thru instagram, Facebook, ect.. A rescheduling fee of will be charged to re schedule your camp to another available date Because of our commitment to a safe, and fun riding event we have limited the class size and been sold out for the last 6 years!

Our Camp has been features in Orlando Family Magazine, Playground Magazine and consistently voted “Best Summer Camps” for the last several years.

The entrance road leads to an 81-space parking area and a drop-off zone for vehicles whose passengers need close access.

Future development will incude other amenities in the surrounding 10 acres of space.

General Admission is free, however there is a daily fee for each participant and chaperone for commercial or nonprofit groups (including day care centers, martial arts camps, YMCA, church groups, etc.). Please make all group members aware of our Group Guidelines.

for Fairfax County residents, for Non-County residents. Contact the park for reservations by calling 703-388-2821.Your Camper children will be super excited and “Chomping at the Bit” To ride the ponies, and not want to wait while mom and dad go over forms.. You are required to provide your camper with a healthy lunch Monday thru Thursday.But on “Party Friday” last day of camp we provide Pizza (Cheese) and Capri Suns and Water, with Fruits and Veggies and cupcakes for dessert for all the from Painted Oaks to notify you that your selected camp date is available.If your selected date is not available you can go over the available dates with lisa by phone to find you the right fit, we will be offering a full 9 Weeks of Camp this year so we hope we can accommodate everyone. After we review your “ In advance of Camp to save the lost time needed to go over forms and payments on the first day of camp. LUNCH/WATER: We Provide Bottled water throughout the week for the Kids at no cost.So, don't chop their heads off, just go back inside, get a glass of ice tea and by the time you come back out, they will probably be gone.

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