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If a site is customized to work with this integration, once members log in to e Room, they are never prompted to log in to repositories to which they have access from e Room.The customization is available through EMC Professional Services.

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Administrators can define provisioning groups and control how back-end server resources such as database servers, file storage and full-text indexing services are utilized amongst the user population.This improved flexibility allows easy growth of the environment as the user population and its needs grow.Users can now login once to an e Room "site" and access e Rooms across multiple servers contained within that site.This is commonly used when customers have users accessing their site from outside the corporate network and connecting via a reverse proxy server, plus internal users connecting directly to the e Room servers.Administrators can specify whether all users accessing the site must go through the reverse proxy server, or only users from outside the corporate firewall.Items can be viewed in a Gantt chart format and a more detailed view.

e Room notifies the users when a progress report is needed and tasks that are assigned to them are displayed in the task section of the navigation pane.As a consequence, some email clients that correctly displayed v6 notification and alert email, might not do so in v7.are now available for individual communities as well as site-wide. Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise Editions are certified for use with both the e Room server and the e Room plug-in client.This was a much-needed upgrade as many corporate entities are using these versions now.There are no bug fixes for this release, it's focus was strictly compatibility---and that's a lot for one release.After the first successful from e Room, members are no longer required to supply their Content Server login credentials each time they access that repository (and all repositories visible to them, for which their user name and password are the same).