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Ana then realized that Luz probably had trouble sleeping so she told her she could get in bed with her.She asked Fanny to take the dirty diaper out and it was evident Ana got nauseous at the odor.

I have no excuse for concealing that I danced at Chicago; it's true.Fanny obliged her, saying they need to talk about this (making the pregnancy belly gesture) and Ana told her that needed to be in another room.Lascuráin Mansion: Luz woke up, reached to the nightstand, and knocked the book off.Ana was in Fanny's room, explaining that she was never more than a day or two late and now it's been eight and a half days. Bruno teased, saying something about the evil eye, but Fernando wasn't listening. Fernando asked her whether she was pregnant and everyone -- even Siete -- looked up, hoping for a “yes.” She looked a bit shocked, saying “I don't know.” Everyone closed in, The twins simultaneously expressed their disappointment. Bruja Central: Techie wrote out his fee on a post-it and handed it to Hissabruja, who was surprised at how low it was.Fanny got excited, saying that now she should resolve the situation with her dad. In fact, all were disappointed, including Fernando, who hung his head and left the room. Initially he worried that she thought it too much and was prepared to give her a discount.She handed him the envelope, saying she had found it in Ana's room.

She then told him that Ana was sick to her stomach and said she was late. When the clock had ticked off what was presumably three minutes, Ana came out of the bathroom with the device. Ana told her to get into bed and she went into the bathroom.Fernando picked her up, asking if she was unable to sleep.She told him no, that she came down to give him something.When Ana caught her breath, Luz asked what was late.Fanny had a panicked expression behind her little sister's back but then quickly talked about how their father was late to the wedding and they had been worried.I fell hopelessly in love with you and theh fear of telling you the truth about my life was because of you feeling deceived about me. I love you.”As the older kids came downstairs Luz asked Ana if she was sad about not being pregnant. She then urged the kids to go off to school, getting hugs from them all before they left.

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