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A piece of music from the Tracey Ullman show plays at one part or another during the short.Homer makes several attempts to have Bart jump into his arms.

Agora, ele precisa enfrentar esses fantasmas do passado para proteger as pessoas que ele mais ama.Maggie sticks a fork in an electrical socket thereby electocuting herself, she crawls up the stairs and falls down them in insane Slinky fashion then she climbs onto the roof in hot pursuit of a butterfly, and falls off it.Bart, Lisa and Maggie play a game of "Space Patrol" while Homer and Marge are out.Each time Bart jumps Homer is distracted and fails to catch him.Towards the end of the episode boxing gloves are delivered, presumably the ones used in the episode Punching Bag.Upcoming Xiaomi phablet to be called Max said to sport 6 4 inch display Last week, Xiaomi ran a poll to determine the name of its next phone.

Of the four options available - Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus, Xiaomi Big, and Xiaomi Max - the last one received the most number of votes, while the one prior to that came in second.Going by the name options that were available, itd be reasonable to assume that the device in question is a large phone (phablet), possibly the largest Xiaomi. As for the rumors, they say that the phablet will be larger than the 5.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Note, with some even suggesting a display size of 6.4-inch.Other rumored specs include QHD display and SD820 So C.Sinopse: Flashpoint mostra o quotidiano de uma unidade de elite tática, o chamado Strategic Response Unit (SRU), dentro de uma força policial canadense metropolitana (baseado na Polícia de Toronto Emergency Task Force).A SRU está encarregada de resolver as situações extremas em que os oficiais regulares não são treinados para lidar, incluindo a resgate de reféns, ameaças de bombas e criminosos fortemente armados.Lisa "frees" Bart from the jug using a croquet mallet.