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It is a good idea to reserve your canopy for use in an emergency.In the future we will be developing a bimini and lightweight cover for camping.

And there is still room for provisions, fishing equipment, water maker, ditch bag, etc..It is of utmost importance that you make up your own ditch bag and stow it safely inside the hull storage compartment.The Pudgy lifeboat has a huge amount of storage chamber space for provisions and other safety items. Several videos you can find on the Internet (including Survivorman: Season 1, Episode 9, Lost at Sea) show the waterlogged, meager contents of the ditch bag supplied and poorly packaged by a life raft company.) You can unzip the middle section of the exposure canopy and set up the sail kit with the the sail reefed above the exposure canopy.In the dynamic Portland Pudgy lifeboat, you can sail to safety.Many experts on survival at sea emphasize that this is critically important.This should only be done in relatively calm seas, once the danger of rough weather is past.

The boat can be sailed with the exposure canopy in place and the middle section open.

This is our step towards reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.

It’s a widespread notion that it’s safest to float passively in an inflatable life raft, having signaled with your EPIRB, and wait for rescue.

For one thing, your EPIRB is not a guarantee of rescue.

The EPIRB is a great invention, no question, and every blue water sailor should have one.

- : Event ends Event FAQ: Q: Will there be gender neutral restrooms? A: Yes, bring your bike to the event and you can park it in the office Q: Should I consider using public transportation?