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This is a Chicano Studies class; the professor is the primary participant, although it is a small, summer school class, and nine members of the class occasionally interact.

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Joe and Fred are loan officers working for the bank.This is a conversation recorded in rural Hardin, Montana.Mae Lynne is a student of equine science, and is the main speaker.All three participants are retired women; Samantha (Sam) is 72, Doris is 83, and Angela is 90.Audio: WAV MP3 Text: TRN CHAT University lecture, recorded in Riverside, California.She is telling Lenore (a visitor and near stranger) about her studies.

Doris, Mae Lynne's mother, is doing housework, but joins the conversation near the end to discuss friends of their family.

Roy and Marilyn are a married couple, and Pete is a friend visiting from out of town. Audio: WAV MP3 Text: TRN CHAT Family conversation recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The primary participants are three sisters all in their twenties.

Phil wants to talk business, while Brad keeps trying to leave to pick up his wife who's waiting for him at a bookstore.

Audio: WAV MP3 Text: TRN CHAT A conversation among three friends before lunch, recorded in Tucson, Arizona.

Audio: WAV MP3 Text: TRN CHAT A business conversation recorded in New Mexico.