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The herbicide did not kill the yuccas, in fact you can see many more of them with the other shrubbery gone.It also did not kill several other woody plants including bittersweet.

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The area has overgrowth and fallen trees, so if there is anything there, it would take clearing work to look further.

I am fairly certain the footprint of the barracks building farthest to the northwest is now visible.

Andre and I will keep you posted as work progresses on the site of the lower dam. Most of the work involves brush removal at some of the sites that have overgrown since last year.

Shower soon after being outdoors, which helps wash off unattached ticks and is a good opportunity to check for attached ticks.

If bitten, immediately remove carefully with "fine-tipped tweezers" or "tick removal tool".

Altenritter is a suburb of Kassel in the Northern Hesse region of central Germany.

Kassel was the location of the Wehrkreis IX Military Headquarters and was one of the most heavily bombed cities during WWII.Follow the fence lines to the other side of the fallen tree to see a man-made... It is a short column of concrete and stone which doesn't seem to serve a purpose, but I have a theory about what it could be.A 1945 photo shows a very large steel pole rising above the fence where the new fence joins the existing one.Wear long pants and sleeves and check your skin and clothes frequently for ticks.Use an appropriate insect repellent containing DEET.The green hoses visible in one photo are attached to pumps -- it appears the intent is to keep the newly created streambed (passing next to the dam) dry until work is completed, by dumping the water back into Toms Run just below the work area.