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She started wanking me but I stopped her, whispering "It's hard enough, you don't want me finished so soon, do you? She was completely clean shaven, and I found her pussy, stroking her soaking wet slit gently.

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She strutted toward us both, her tits jiggling twice for every step she took, the other departing passengers shooting her disapproving looks. "Fucking hell, this is the mate you've been on about? "She wanted to surprise you." I said with all the confident charm I could manage.

What I wasn't prepared for however, was Kim's best friend, Lisa.

After a couple of nights on Kim's sofa, staying up late, watching tv and so on, Kim said her friend Lisa was going to come and visit.

The company I work for recently branched out into China, and any employee who wanted to was given the option to learn mandarin to degree level, completely free of charge.

Having "Fluent in Mandarin" on my CV would be great, so I signed up straight away.

My wife was the jealous type, but I suppose returning from a week away surrounded by attractive young girls talking about my new female friend would ring alarm bells in anyone's head, so I kept this friendship to myself.

To be honest our sex life had pretty much ended, following the unfortunately-for-me-true myth that marriage somehow managed to delete pretty much any woman's interest in sex.I laid between her legs with her huge tits cushioning my chest. I was about to have unprotected sex with this girl. I slid my whole length inside her until my trimmed pubic hair was against her bald pussy. I was adequately endowed at 6 inches and quite thick, but I think she just knew what to say to a guy."I don't have any condoms." I whispered as I kissed her neck. I fondled her tits as I started rolling my hips, building up a gentle rhythm.We returned to Kim's room, and Lisa took a bottle of vodka from her bag. I'd never seen Kim drink, she never went clubbing with all the other students. Eventually, the girls decided it was bedtime, and changed into their pyjamas. "Aw cheers babe, you're pretty fit yourself, I like fellas with big shoulders. I swallowed hard, digesting what she had said before replying "What if we wake Kim up?We all three sat on Kim's bed while they caught up, chatting and giggling. "You can watch if you want, I don't mind." said Lisa as she changed. " I just stripped down to my boxers and got under my single duvet on Kim's sofa. Never had an older bloke before, I bet you're a good fuck." Fucking hell I thought to myself. "Those idiots don't know what they are talking about. " Lisa shrugged and took off her top, revealing her black bra.Kim had a boyfriend at home, the whole high-school sweetheart situation, so her and I enjoyed our platonic friendship.

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