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As of 18 January 2017, 114 episodes have been broadcast in the UK, comprising 19 series.(The final episodes of series 19 have aired overseas.) In March 2011, the series' producer, Brian True-May, was suspended by All3Media after telling the TV listings magazine Radio Times that the programme did not have any non-white characters, because the series was a "bastion of Englishness." When challenged about the term "Englishness" and whether that would exclude different ethnic minorities, True-May responded: "Well, it should do, and maybe I'm not politically correct." He later went on to say that he wanted to make a programme "that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed." True-May's comments were investigated by the production company.

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In Norway, the series is broadcast by TV2 Norway under the series title "Mord og mysterier".Dudgeon permanently joined the show in 2011 following Nettles' departure.The stories are set in modern-day England and revolve around Tom Barnaby's (later, John Barnaby's) efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the idyllic, picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer.In the United States, the series was aired by A&E for a time and is now syndicated by American Public Television for broadcast on public television stations.As of December 2017, episodes through series 19 are available for streaming through Netflix.When Mrs Barnaby proposed they move out of Causton and suggested various villages, her husband countered with recollections of particularly grisly murders that occurred in each community. Dan Scott asked if the body count was, "always this high around here, sir?

"; Barnaby replied, "It has been remarked upon." and many scenes are examples of "dramedy" (comic drama or dramatic comedy); according to Radio Times when describing the episode Death and the Divas (series 15, episode 4): 'Midsomer Murders never takes itself too seriously but here it’s got its tongue so far into its cheek, it hurts.' in all—several scenes are filmed at location in central Copenhagen, like Rådhuspladsen ("the City Hall Square"), Nyhavn ("New Port") with its canal and old colourful houses, a Danish countryside church, and at the circular square inside the Copenhagen Police Headquarters building.

Various clues in several episodes hint that Midsomer might actually cover the areas of Berkshire and part of northern Hampshire.

Many of the villages and small towns of the county have the word "Midsomer" in their name; this is inspired in part by the real county of Somerset, and specifically the town of Midsomer Norton, and became a naming convention within the show.

In episode 3 of series 11 ("Left for Dead"), the character Charlotte/Charlie (played by Indra Ové as the adult version and Jade Gould as the younger version) appeared to be of mixed race. In Australia first-run episodes and repeats are screened on national free-to-air network ABC with repeats also shown on sister station ABC2.

The series was originally aired on the Nine Network.

In Canada the series is broadcast on TVOntario and Book Television in Ontario, and on Knowledge in British Columbia, which in 2014 was showing Series 16.