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Jennifer pretends Johnny is her husband to ward off a childhood friend from West Virginia (Hoyt Axton) who shows up in Cincinnati expecting her to go through on their teenage agreement to get married.

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Trivia: Sylvia Sidney played Mama Carlson, owner of the station, in this episode only. WKRP sponsors its first rock concert, by the British "hoodlum" group ("we're...WKRP in Cincinnati is an American situation comedy television series that features the misadventures of the staff of a struggling fictional radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio.The series was created by Hugh Wilson and originally aired on the CBS network from September 1978 to April 1982.Herb lines up the biggest sales contract in the station's history—over 0,000 per year to record and run a commercial jingle for the owner of a funeral home chain (Fred Stuthman), who wants to sell plots to a younger demographic.Venus has to reveal that he is wanted as a deserter from the United States Army because he went AWOL just days before returning Stateside at the end of his Vietnam service, eight years before joining WKRP.Everyone considers this a cause for celebration except Andy, who feels like a failure because the climb in ratings isn't greater. (Bert Parks), runs away from the Shady Rest nursing home and asks his son to lend him money so he can go to California on yet another scheme.

Trivia: Guest star Bert Parks worked extensively in radio in real life, during the 40's, 50's, and 60's.Meanwhile, Herb makes a bogus claim of another job offer, hoping for a raise, but it backfires.Venus negotiates a deal with Andy that settles all issues. This 11-minute episode (complete with opening and closing credits) was produced by the U. Treasury Department to promote the sale of savings bonds. To compete with WPIG's traffic helicopter, Les starts reporting the news from a World War I biplane piloted by a deranged veteran (Michael Fairman) on Veterans Day.Everyone at WKRP is overcome with feelings of guilt after a major concert they've helped to promote ends up resulting in the death of 11 people.Trivia: This episode was based on a real-life tragedy at a Who concert that took place at Riverfront Coliseum on December 3, 1979.Herb dresses up as the WKRP mascot, a carp, and gets into a fight with the WPIG pig (played by Lee Bergere); meanwhile, Johnny and Venus take an on-air alcohol test with a police officer (Jerry Hardin), with Johnny's reflexes strangely improving with each drink.

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    So while we might call the Venus figurines pornographic, they wouldn’t have been considered so by their makers.)“Stag films,” as they came to be called, were men’s club institutions, presented by their producers for small groups of men at Elks lodges, bachelor parties, brothels, and the like, well into the twentieth century.

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