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The Gewandhaus hosted Mozart in 1789, as well as the world debut of Beethoven’s 5 Piano Concerto in 1811 and the first full cycle of Beethoven’s symphonies in 1825.In 1835, Mendelssohn became the orchestra's conductor and music director.

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The mother-of-two said that classical music has “suffered” under the popularity of pop music.

"If the radio is on, maybe stick or Radio 3 or another classical channel," she advised parents.

“It is not hard to find classical music on the radio waves. “When children are young their little minds are like sponges and they absorb all this information.

His skill on the harpsichord and violin earned him dedications from major composers, beginning with Antonio Lolli in 1764.

He studied with the French composers François-Joseph Gossec and Jean-Marie Leclair.

This is also where Robert composed the Spring Symphony that won him world renown.

The Schumann House is still used as a concert venue - regular Saturday evening choral recitals are a particular highlight., this concert hall is home to one of the world’s oldest symphony orchestras, its roots dating back to at least the 18th century - some argue even earlier.Later decades saw the debuts of symphonies by Schumann, Schubert, Wagner and Brahms, and the patronage of such prestigious musical directors as Arthur Nikisch, Wilhelm Furtwangler and Hubert Blomstedt.The renowned orchestra plays a diverse annual program, so be sure to book tickets well in advance.Other ambassadors include Nicola Benedetti, Cerys Matthews, Julian Joseph, Alison Balsom, Laura Mvula, Catrin Finch and Suzy Klein.Ms Finch was the official harpist to the Prince of Wales from 200 -2004, an office unfilled since the reign of Queen Victoria.Performing since 1212, the present-day incarnation performs weekly concerts on Fridays at 6pm and on Saturdays at 3pm.

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    Altri appuntamenti storici dell'emittente nati in quegli anni sono il Maurizio Costanzo Show, nato nel 1982 in prima serata su Rete 4, che, dopo l'acquisizione di quest'ultima rete da parte della Fininvest, traslocherà sull'ammiraglia il 23 gennaio 1986, insediandosi nella seconda serata della rete rimanendovi per circa vent'anni, terminando definitivamente il suo ciclo nel dicembre del 2009, e Buona domenica, portato agli esordi da Corrado e Maurizio Costanzo nel 1985 e andato in onda fino al 1987; nella stagione 1987-88 lascia il posto ad un nuovo contenitore domenicale intitolato La giostra condotto da Enrica Bonaccorti, che tuttavia non avrà successo e, nelle stagioni successive, lascerà il posto a telefilm e quiz fino all'autunno 1991, quando sarà ripreso Buona domenica.

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