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He also said that he did not want Famie to have a shot at winning the title.

Near the end of the competition, he won the final immunity challenge, over former allies Wesson and Famie.After being placed on the tribe Ogakor, he quickly formed a bond with fellow castaways Amber Brkich, Jerri Manthey, and Mitchell Olson.However, he acted as the swing vote between the alliance between Olson, Manthey, and Brkich and the alliance between Tina Wesson and Keith Famie.Host, Top Shot and Top Guns Colby Donaldson, a Texas Epsilon chapter alumnus, hosts his own hit series on History called Top Shot.He is also the host of Top Gun, the supporting series on H2.“These are people who don’t focus on their victories,” he explains.

And sadly, somebody will be the first person voted out, and the good news for them is it will not hold the same distinction because there’s going to be a lot of bummer Tribals when we lose great people.” Only time will tell if Probst is right, but for now, you can watch the video above to see Probst wax psychological about Colby and the new cast.As a result, he was given the choice of whom to face in the jury vote.He had formed an alliance with Wesson early in the show and stated that he wanted to see that through. And then there are the Colby Donaldsons of the world. We asked the host exactly that while on location in Fiji the day the season started filming. “I think had Colby been brought back on a season where we called him a Game Changer, maybe that pressure would have gotten to him and he would have had to step his game up. And I don’t think it’s indicative of his character either. NOTE: Survivor is a fan site and is NOT associated with CBS in any way. SPOILER ALERT: Survivor contains up-to-date information for the USA broadcast of Survivor.

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