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Amid the spotlight now being trained on gender inequity in Hollywood, the fact that Mark Wahlberg received an additional $1.5 million for reshoots, a sum not offered to his co-star Michelle Williams, has provoked outrage.

The show's tough enough to get off the ground and I don't want to walk into any problems." CBS president Les Moonves had announced in January that a Miami spin-off was imminent, yet "It wasn't until we sort of, like, at the eleventh hour, really started to look at our options as to who was going to play Horatio, [Zuiker, Mendelsohn, and Donahue] revisited Caruso.Following the back-door pilot, Zuiker stated that he believed the series "needed a little more balance in terms of a leading woman".Executives offered Sela Ward the part of Megan Donner, a Lieutenant and Horatio's former boss.Series star Emily Procter later stated that "the cancellation was kind of shocking for everyone because they had given an indication that CSI: NY might go, so people would have been prepared and we just weren't prepared." Procter had previously commented on the longevity of the series, commenting that "I remember sitting around with David in the parking lot during season one, getting ready for the first episode to air.We said [...] 'we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.Ward turned down the role, and producers later cast Kim Delaney.

Ann Donahue described Delaney's casting as "a no-brainer," stating that "when Kim became available, we knew in a heartbeat that we wanted her." Zuiker elaborated, noting that "Kim brings a level of maturity, a level of balance with David Caruso [...] We just felt we were missing something in the whole picture – we needed a strong female in the cast." The New York Times reported that original lead Emily Procter would "now follow Ms.

Jerry Bruckheimer also executive-produces the series. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation stars William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger expressed their displeasure at CBS' launch of Miami, with Petersen stating that "[they] should have waited five years for a CSI spinoff." Helgenberger supported Petersen's comments during an Emmy acceptance speech, noting that "as far as [she was] concerned, there’s only one CSI." Petersen jestingly referred to the series NYPDCSI, as it initially featured both David Caruso and Kim Delaney, of NYPD Blue fame.

In 2002, CSI executive producer Anthony Zuiker began casting for the then-unnamed Miami based spin-off.

Footage from the Biscayne Courthouse, visible prominently in the episode "Recoil", among others, was filmed at the Water Garden Park in Santa Monica, at 34.028728, −118.471331.

The building used for exterior shots of the Miami-Dade Police Department crime lab is actually the Sky One Federal Credit Union headquarters located at 14600 Aviation Boulevard in Hawthorne, California.

First cast was Emily Procter, as Calleigh Duquesne.

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