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Although the idea for a jacket that was reserved for field and combat duty is always considered to be from general Parsons.

It was commented that “the men could live out of their pockets for weeks.”Altough officially accepted in 1941, it is known as the M-38 by collecters to make a distinction between the first and latter type.

Some were able to lay their hands on the tanker jackets and pants. Most contract dates found on these jackets are late 1944/early 1945.

To provide the troops with a combat jacket for the upcoming winter campaign, some units were issued the arctic jackets. R.”,or "Jacket, Field, Women's Reserve" with Nom #####. This jacket was still an issue item in the late 50’s, early 60’s. Navy was issuing M-41 jackets to its members who had to work on the beaches during an invasion, or other shore related work.

However in the QM Supply Catalog the jacket is listed as Arctic.)Made longer to cover the hips, the jacket is made with a thicker cotton shell and heavier wool lining, just like the tankers jacket.

The straps at the side and wrist are of the buckle and strap type instead of the regular buttoned tabs.

The lining was made of flannel wool for insolation, the same fabric as what the service shirt is made of.

Considered too light, this was changed to a somewhat heavier wool lining.The version I have is with a heavy blanket wool lining, and has detachable shoulder loops. The tailor-made jackets were probably worn only state side by officers who had administrative jobs.(Called desk-flyers in the Air Corps.) All the (junior) combat leaders wore the same jacket as the enlisted man, heck, even generals wore the issue jacket!The size label was sewn on the back of the lining, shown here are some examples.In the right hand pocket can the manufacturers label be found.Although the pockets could contain a D-ration or a hand grenade, it was uneasy to reach inside, when an ammunition belt was worn over the jacket.

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