Consolidating debt affect

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Locking down the best rate typically means that your mortgage debt doesn’t exceed 85 percent of your home’s value.

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“If you only apply for one loan and you get approved and you get that loan, that inquiry is going to have a very minor impact on your credit score; barely noticeable.” He adds: “But if you’re shopping around and you apply for a loan with four or five different lenders, those four or five different inquiries are going to show up in the process, and that could have a bigger negative impact on your credit report.” According to FICO, the main credit score company in the U.The amount of equity you have in your home will in part dictate how much you can borrow, but qualifying criteria varies from lender to lender.The more equity you have, the better terms you’ll get.A balance transfer lets you take all your credit card balances and lump them into one new credit card with either a lower ongoing annual percentage rate (APR) or a lower introductory APR for a specific period.This can ultimately help you get out of debt faster while paying less in the long run.The higher the interest rates are on your existing debt, the more you’re likely to save with a balance transfer, but there’s a catch: When the promotional interest rate expires, you’ll probably get slammed with a high ongoing APR.

To get the most out of a balance transfer, pay off your balance before the promotional period ends. Credit card companies also usually charge one-time transfer fee of up to 5 percent of the balance, so be sure to read the fine print, do the math and have a payoff plan in place before pulling the trigger.

It may be to the benefit of your credit score to leave open your credit card accounts, particularly the oldest ones.

Another way your credit could suffer from debt consolidation is if you work with an agency to implement a debt management plan (DMP).

This way, getting a variety of quotes won’t show up on your credit report and indirectly impact your credit score.

You can find and compare loan offers on Lending Tree — we use a soft credit pull to search for loans that may suit you.

Another common mistake that can take a toll on your credit score is if you you pay off with your consolidation loan.

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