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The MIDI Clock protocol also provides messages that indicate the song position.With respect to MIDI Clock, Live can act as both a MIDI sync master and slave.

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A MIDI Timecode message specifies a time in seconds and frames (subdivisions of a second).This bar is a representation of the Live Set’s global launch quantization in relation to that of the other participant The first app or Live instance to join a Link session will set the initial tempo for the others.Any Link-enabled apps or instances of Live can then change their tempo at any time and all others will follow.Select a MIDI device from the Link/MIDI Preferences’ MIDI Ports list to access the settings.The setting is relevant only if “MIDI Timecode“ is chosen from the MIDI Sync Type menu.Live can be synchronized via MIDI to an external sequencer.

After connecting the sequencer to Live and setting it up to send sync, use Live’s Link/MIDI Preferences to tell Live about the connection.When an external sync source has been enabled, the EXT button appears in the Control Bar.You can then activate external sync either by switching on this button or by using the External Sync command in the Options menu.If you have further questions or run into issues, we recommend checking out the Link FAQ at the Ableton website*.If you’re working with devices that don’t support Link, you can synchronize via MIDI.If multiple participants try to change the tempo simultaneously, everyone else will try to follow, but the last one who changes the tempo will “win.” Tempo changes made by any participant in a Link session will override tempo automation in your Live Set.