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But apparently even he doesn’t really want them in his house.Nnedi Okorafor eloquently wrote about her discomfort over the award (to put it mildly) nearly four years ago ( and Jason Sanford ( recently outlined why a bust of Lovecraft is not really the kind of symbol any self-respecting fan of SF or Fantasy would want as an award.

But for those of us within SF and Fantasy fandom, academia, and publishing, these incidents are not insignificant, they are not mountains made out of mole-hills, but are very real arguments. To attempt to recognise that the literary landscape of the new millennium is broader, wider, deeper and far more diverse than it was before.

if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!

Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another...

So having one might, and I say , be seen as excluding the others.

I did see a suggestion that the award take the form of the discworld from Terry Pratchett’s work.

The World Fantasy award should probably reflect two major things. There is a third aspect that might have some bearing and that is that most of the categories are literary, so some aspect of literature might be nice to work in there. Avoid using the bust of any other author, no matter how popular or influential.

It isn’t worth the hassle, and no one author can truly represent the breadth and depth of fantasy writing in the modern day.

But just because he wrote a load of century, and was a significant pulp author, doesn’t really answer the question as to why he should continue to be the symbol for a fantasy award in the modern day when, quite frankly, he represents a deeply troubling aspect of our culture that upsets a significant number of fans and authors.

I am fairly sure we can come up with a better award statue that doesn’t piss people off.

That fandom crosses genders, politics, sexualities and interests.

That authors are coming from more and more diverse backgrounds and trying to articulate ever greater points of view.

Compare: Broad Strokes, Continuity Snarl, Depending on the Writer, Expansion Pack Past, Negative Continuity, Origins Episode, and Sliding Timescale. And then that night, over the wine and the candles, and that oh so beautiful music, you showed me your manuscript.