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It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor as soon as practically possible if an exam will be missed.Makeup exams will only be granted in the event of extenuating circumstances (e.g., a family emergency, unforeseen illness, etc.). Students will submit six sets of guest questions, one set per guest.

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These 10-question quizzes will primarily cover content that was included in the reading assignment for the corresponding chapter.

Students in this course experience guided discovery in critically evaluating various psychological research pertaining to developmental psychology.

This occurs through classroom discussions as well as through feedback on written assignments.

Additionally, you will be able to track your grades and course progress. The final version of the writing assignment should be submitted via Moodle by midnight on the due date. A hard copy of the assignment that is stamped by the writing center should be turned in during class on or before the assignment s due date. All written assignments must be typed and turned in via Moodle by midnight on their due date.

Late submission of assignments will result in a 10% point deduction from the assignment grade per day late. There is no make-up work or rescheduling for in-class quizzes/activities, guest questions, or written assignments. If you have a documented disability (learning or otherwise) that requires special accommodations, it is your responsibility to notify me during the first two weeks of the course so that arrangements may be made. Incomplete grades are only given in cases of severe medical emergency or death of a close family member (documentation is required). Both attendance and participation are important to your learning in general as well as to this class in particular.

The course is recommended early in the major and is a prerequisite for other psychology courses.

An exploration of human development through the biological, behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural, and spiritual perspectives in a lifespan approach (from conception through death).Students should post three questions to the Moodle forum that are somehow inspired by the reading but not duplicating a question posted by another student.The questions should be submitted by midnight prior to the guest s visit. There is an optional, take-home final exam in this course.These guests will be people representing various phases of the developmental lifespan.They will be interviewed by the class based on questions written by students.They will also challenge you to use critical thinking regarding the material you read. There will be four in-class exams administered (see course schedule for dates).