Dark dating london

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Dark dating london

Membership manager Grace hosts weekly cocktail sessions on Thursdays at LIBRARY members club to get to know those considering applying to the club. Social Concierge presents a monthly networking-meets-dating event – Finance and Fashion – on Friday April 8th at LIBRARY members’ club.

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For the Dry January crew, we hosted a Saturday event at Core Collective. We headed to the Lucky Pig for a very late dinner party, starting Prosecco, Negronis and Old Fashioneds at the bar.Arrive 8pm sharp for welcome drinks sponsored by Polish Standard Vodka, followed by a special performance from international DJ Luke Mc Mullan.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the theme of our 6th Birthday Party at Restaurant Ours, from 7.30pm.Expect a night of True Romance at the seductive South Kensington bar.We will be making the most of BALLR, a room by Ciroc which is the first adult ball pit in West London. Join us for a ‘Fall Fling’ at New York’s hottest and newest venue, Common Ground.Guests can expect a night full of pleasure and indulgence as we go all out to celebrate another successful year! We’ll be hosting our own at Soho’s most creative members club on the first day of the month.

Also back by popular demand is our Just Friends styling.The Moroccan-themed event will take place in Piccadilly, starting at 8pm with a complimentary cocktail reception. Hotel bars can be a stuffy but this one we wish we’d discovered months ago. So we’ve booked out the sultry basement members club at Lights of Soho for a drinks party for 80 and a lot of drinks on the house.After the swank of Valentine’s day we’re taking things down a notch with a drinks party at the weird, wild and wonderful Beaver’s Lodge. A very sexy lounge with none of the Mayfair pretension, expect good cocktails, craft beers and lots of corners to escape the throng. Social Concierge is partnering with LIBRARY members club to host another Finance and Fashion event.Bring a friend of the opposite sex and enjoy the benefits of wingman dating.It’s our last party of the summer so we’ll be heading to new heights with a Rooftop Romance at Lovage in Midtown Manhattan.Expect strong welcome libations, a hint of performance and a small stunning space, perfect for debauchery.

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