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For actual opening hours and telephone hours, please consult ICS.

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In addition to that, it has proven to be useful as a data container and pre-analysis tool for energy system models and as a visualization tool.Or – if in doubt about anything - call the ICS-OFFICE in Aarhus. Also with the various application forms, when you turn up at the office.You cannot book an appointment, but there is free access to all the necessary authorities at the office on Thursdays and Fridays, and your case will be treated, even though there may be waiting time, as long as you turn up before closing hours.To achieve this ambitious goal, future courses of action have been outlined in the municipality's energy strategy "Energy2020" and divided into five groups: increasing production from wind, bioenergy and other renewable energy sources, reducing heat demand in buildings and converting transportation sector to renewable energy.The analysis of technical, economic and environmental impacts of such a variety of technologies on the municipality's energy system requires highly detailed decision support system.For more information about the application and documentation requirements on the actual ICS-checklist S.

When you have received your residence permit you move on and have your date of entry registered.

The data have been collected from various sources: freely accessible public databases, the municipality, district heating and electricity companies, Danish transmission system operator, etc.

The focus in the energy atlas is put on the geographical level of details, such as locations of district heating pipes and wind turbines, but the objects have been described with technical parameters and historical values as well.

For citizens from other places in the world other rules apply.

In Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality we also have many citizens who have moved to the municipality from abroad.

At the bottom of the page an instruction for other nationals can be found.

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