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Dates white no sing up and no bs

Of course, the same argument is often used against Led Zeppelin and Rush, so I don't worry too much about it.

Whatever the case may be, I honestly believe this is one of the greatest bands of all time.

I love the amount of thought they put into what they wrote while still remaining, at heart, a pop group.

I love how they managed to pile on new layers of complexity and invention from album to album without sacrificing entertainment value, and yet almost never engaged in complexity for its own sake.

This is not the same as saying as I think Yes is the best band I'm familiar with; they never made an album that I'd give a perfect score, and while they made many that I'd rate highly, the fact that I can name so many albums that I like more than my favorite Yes albums has to mean something.

If "fan" is taken in its meaning of the term "fanatic," though, there'd really be no contest.

Anderson's job, let's face it, was to provide a counterpoint to the exquisite keyboard, guitar, and bass arrangements, and to contribute a pretty, 'flowery' covering with the vocal harmonies that only he and the guitarists could provide. Whatever you may say, I insist that the man was a terrific writer of vocal melodies.

They were by no means designed to be the 'hook' of the song (though one would have to be totally deaf to deny that quite often the vocal melodies were hooky as hell, intended or not), but as a counter to the instrumental melodies, they could not be topped.It's one thing to own all of a band's studio albums; it's another to seek out all of its live albums, and bootlegs from as many tours as possible (and often multiple bootlegs from the same tour), and multiple concert DVD's, and a good chunk of solo material from the various members, even when I expect it to stink.Yup, I've been an obsessive fan since 1998, and even as my music collection has continued to expand and diversify, the band's hold on my mind has remained, and I find it hard to see a scenario in which that would change.Now, to be fair, in several cases, that statement is probably correct (particularly on TYA), but I do feel it would be unfair to categorize Jon Anderson as a complete lunatic throwing out the first lines that come into his head.In particular, his epics on CTTE, Tales, and Relayer, believe it or not, really do have meaning and tell actual stories.Even more frightening than that is that he is not using a falsetto; you have to hear him speak to believe it, but that's his actual voice.

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