Dating a homeless man

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Dating a homeless man - Web et sex

But after reading Jeremy Sandford's 1971 book about homelessness, she realised he could be one of many ordinary people slipping through the welfare state safety net.Soon she had developed a strong emotional attachment to Mr Selway.

The dog’s going, "Hey pal, I can do this by myself pretty well. Once I saw a homeless man wearing his underwear on top of his pants.Then a homeless man with a dog approached us and put his hand out.This happens to be something that I have a real problem with: homeless people with pets who approach you for food when they have a perfectly delicious dog standing right there?Ms Neininger admitted that she eventually fell in love with Mr Selway.But she said the pair never had sex because of his illness and as a result, Mr Neininger did not view him as a threat."But although he was living on the streets, I knew straight away that Ken was a lovely man with a beautiful soul." Mr Selway was smartly dressed, in a belted grey mac, and “drank only milk”, she said.

She assumed he was staying in a B&B and had nowhere to go in the day time because of the negative stereotypes she had built up about homeless people, she said.When Mr Selway developed health problems and had to move into a care home, Ms Neininger, who is now a great grandmother, missed him so much she joined him there.On 29 February 2016, the leap year day when tradition dictates that men can propose to women, she proposed and Mr Selway accepted."Ken believed everything these voices were telling him so it was very difficult to have a relationship.I did not know anything about it but I soon learned." After Mr Neininger died of a heart attack in 1983, the pair became even more inseparable.Eventually, she persuaded him to have dinner with her and her husband, Norman, with whom she had three children.