Dating a martin trumpet imperial

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Dating a martin trumpet imperial - seriöse dating portale Moers

Hope this helps._________________Martins: HC Committee #2 HC Imperial #3 LB & XL Bore Deluxe C & Eb/D Schilke HC2 & B2 Taylor Chicago II Lite Blogs: they are the original caps with stamped numbers inside.But you are right, the normal Committee have a single line and not a zig zag line !

Leblanc used the "Committee" brand for its Kenosha-produced trumpet although it was in fact based on a Holton design.

John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Martin was born February 24, 1835, in Dresden, Germany.

He learned to make instruments in the old way as an apprentice to the instrument maker Christian Hammig of Markneukirchen, Germany, from 1850-54, according to the archives of Musikinstrumenten-Museum.

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The tuning slide on the Handcraft series has the extra brace on the inside and the nickel trim detailing.

In 1971 the rights to the Martin name were bought by Leblanc, and Wurlitzer closed the old Martin factory.

Leblanc was an early importer of Yanagisawa saxophones and sold some of those instruments as "The Martin" before marketing them under the producer's own name.

That said, I wonder if you have a Handcraft trumpet body with a later Committee bell added._________________NY Bach Strad 42 MV Bach Strad 37 Martin Committee ACB 3CSHello, The Body, Leadpipe and position looks to be all correct for a Martin Handcraft Committee (I can't quite tell - but it looks like the bottom caps may not be original).

Beuller........._________________ron meza (deadbeat jazz musician) waiting for Fed-Ex to deliver a trumpet to my door. sure there are those on the forum with more expertise who can weigh in on this.

"The Indiana by Martin" designated second-line instruments until the early 1960s, followed by "Medalist" and "Imperial" (not to be confused with Handcraft Imperial).

The mid-1930s saw introduction of the "Martin Committee" model trumpets and "Handcraft Committee" saxophones. Reynolds under the "Roundtable of Music Craftsmen," or RMC.

The "Handcraft Committee" name for saxophones was simplified to "Committee," then the "Committee" designation was also dropped during the early postwar era. Richards desired increased production for the student market.

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