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The arrests came as police and MI5 tackle a terror threat that is seen as unprecedented.

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Stuart Hyde, the regional leader for Ci SP, who was appointed by aql, said there was every likelihood of further attacks, although not necessarily of the same type as the attack which hit the NHS.

Cis P is a national initiative operated by CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Team, which is part of the Cabinet office.

One of the speakers, Thomas Chappelow, the director of Leeds-based Nimbox, a provider of cloud-based secure file collaboration and storage tools, said companies could make ransomware attacks pointless by securing data in a chain of distrust.

He added: “We have a history of developing experience in this area.

Don’t forget that we have had a number of major online banking and finance businesses in the region for many years, and the security experience from these has helped motivate others to think about cybersecurity.“We have also had the two main universities in Leeds working on different aspects of cyber-security.“It is now 20 years since Leeds University first started researching and teaching cyberlaw and cybercrimes, subjects that have remained popular ever since.“Leeds Beckett has recently developed a cybersecurity unit in its computing department and there is also expertise in Sheffield Hallam University.”David Porter, the cybercrime investigator at Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cybercrime Team, added: “The businesses I have interacted with across the region take cybersecurity seriously, and invest heavily in their systems, processes and people to safeguard personal data, business infrastructure and their clients.“Recent events in the UK have tested organisations and businesses, but it’s a testament to their approach to cybersecurity that there has been minimal impact in Yorkshire.”Yorkshire’s businesses are increasingly exposed to cyber-attacks, accidental breaches, and an ever-changing regulatory environment, according to Thomas Chappelow of Nimbox, which specialises in protecting confidential data.

People living near an address in the Meersbrook area of Sheffield said they were woken at around 5.30am. I pulled the curtains and saw lots of armed men in the street, so I kept watching because that was quite extraordinary.”She said the officers shouted “very abruptly” for people to stay in their homes.

Retired Joan Miller, 63, who lives opposite the run-down house, said she looked out of her window to see many plain-clothed armed officers in the street. Ms Miller and others in the street said they did not know who lived in the house, which is in a dilapidated state.Cybercrime cost UK businesses £29bn last year and that’s not acceptable.Businesses close and people lose their jobs because of preventable security flaws and mild negligence.A police statement said: “The Army’s Bomb Disposal Unit is currently attending the address in Chesterfield.“As a precautionary measure and in the interest of public safety, the immediate area has been cordoned off and local residents evacuated while a thorough search is carried out.“We recognise that local people may have concerns as a result of this activity.We would ask people to remain alert but not alarmed and we are grateful for the assistance and understanding of people locally.”Police added that loud bangs heard at the time officers entered the premises were part of the method used to gain access.Three men, aged 22, 36 and 41, were detained at different addresses in Sheffield, while a 31-year-old was held in Chesterfield.