Dating body language basics

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Dating body language basics - dating website that urges married people to have an affair

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Bent Over Posture Or Rump Presentation This female submissive appeasement posture is done by bending forward at the waist facing away from the intended recipient such that the rump is presented teasingly.Here, the rump is presented as a sexual invitation where the woman offers herself in the passive female role.

She may also bend over to pick things up, but this is not reliable unless eye contact is cast in the direction of her target.

Women have other tricks for being noticed such as skin tight leggings and jeans.

These are also rump displays as it showcases their assets on full display in a more socially acceptable way.

It is an informal position signifying relaxation and comfort with the situation as it makes a quick escape next to impossible.

This shows men that a woman is not frightened or concerned about making a quick exit.

Thus, the self touch is a touch invitation, or touch prelude and a touch replacement.

It is a display that a woman is mentally and physically “ready” to receive this sexual encounter.

If a woman is sexually aroused her skin will become more sensitive.

This occurs because blood rushes to the surface of her skin.

A woman shows others that she is aroused by lightly stroking various parts of her body.

When a woman strokes her neck, wrists, upper thigh, chest, or a bare shoulder, it is a subconscious act resulting from arousal.

One should pay particular attention to legs that remain uncrossed leaving a gap greater than 10 inches.