Dating boxer problems

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article that claimed Sasha Obama’s hairstyle at the White House State Dinner was inspired by UFC fighters.

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Good Lord,if your usual owner cannot keep a DOCKED bum free of "clat" and maggot .hope for a tailed one?

The elastic band method the lambs definitely to me showed pain, clamping their tail, walking awkwardly.

I have not seen them being neutered with rings, and would not want to.

My first boxer, Spike, had a docked tail (done as a pup).

Pic: Never had any issues with it and he was happy enough!

(I won't repeat my opinion on that bit of unproven claim) Here's my experience of it.

I was delighted when they introduced the ban - then I got a short haired dog with a long tail and soon changed my mind. Spnagles have the fur to cushion their tail to some degree.

As well as REALLY hurting when they get you round the back of the legs mid wag, it only took 11 months for my pup to split his tail to the point it wouldn't heal. Short haired dogs find it very easy to split theirs.

My boy split his tail simply by wagging it and hitting the wall 8 months later it still hadn't healed - we even tried strapping it to his leg so he wouldn't wag and reopen the wound...

First, here’s how the described Sasha’s braided ‘do:“When Sasha Obama attended her first state dinner Thursday night at the White House, the 14-year-old took her seat next to Blake Lively wearing a ,990 Naeem Khan gown.

But instead of a glam blowout like her 17-year-old sister Malia, Sasha’s ebony mane was twisted into trendy parallel plaits.

And I love the white bit on the end, looks like a Mr Whippy ice cream!