Dating brass dial longcase clocks

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Dating brass dial longcase clocks - remelhe online dating

This fully renovated example of a Petite sonnerie with a Strike/Silent option was made circa 1900. Pounds 235mm x 110mm x 125mm Bolviller is one of the clock makers we are always surprised by. We have had several Bolviller clocks over the years, but not one of them has had an escapement quite like this one, it is a work of art, as well as fine clock making. Pounds 10cm x 5cm x 6cm A delightfully small carriage timepiece by Asprey of London. The hallmarks for Mappin and Webb Ltd and dating with the letter 'O' to 1913 The case is engine turned with hand engraving framing each side. Pounds 20 x 13 x 9cm A fine gilt Pendule d'Officier Clock with a superb 8 day duration movement on a jeweled lever escapement. This fine clock also retains the original large silvered platform and jeweled lever escapement . The dial retains the original gilt finish with Roman numerals and retailers name . This clock also has 'Push repeat' on demand and retains the original jewelled lever, silvered platform escapement. It is a very stylish timepiece with the added feature of an alarm . The gilt case in the Corniche style with bevelled glass to all sides and retaining the large original lever escapement. The clock features a center sweep hand which is quite rare on a French clock and has bell striking for the hours and half hours. The case is in good condition and has a solid silver hinge, handle, bezel and bun feet with hallmarks for Asprey & Co Ltd 1909 . The fully serviced-overhauled movement running for 7days with a jeweled lever escapement. The convex enamelled dial showing black Arabic numerals with minutes to the outer edge and quarter markers , decorated with finely chased , pierced and gilded hands . Grande sonnerie striking, Petite sonnerie and fully Silent if you wish . The case is nickel on brass and looks original with a nice patina , the dial is silvered and has 'deco' arabic numerals , the rear door is solid and the glasses to all sides are perfect .please click the image for more detailed photos .

This clock strikes the hours on a bell and one blow of the bell for the half hour. Pounds 265mm x 150mm x 115mm A fine and exceptionally large carriage clock by the well respected maker Charles Vincenti of Paris. It is remarkable and giant in every way, although it does have a soft/mellow gong strike. Pounds 85mm x 44mm x 35mm A very attractive, polished solid silver, petite timepiece made in 1913 with Hallmarks for Charles Guignard a London Silversmith and importer of clocks and watches from France and Switzerland. This clock has been fully serviced and is sold with a full 12month Guarantee. The clock has a fully engraved case and dial mask, the engraving is fine, detailed and crisp. This type of Strut clock can be attributed to Thomas Cole who made for Hancock.

This clock has been carefully restored, serviced and regulated. The clock benefits from a large clear dial (free of cracks of hairlines) a good size top glass to view the original silvered platform and lever escapement.

Grande sonnerie striking, Petite sonnerie and fully silent if you wish . The clock has a pleasant gong strike on the hours and half hours and will run for a week per wind.

The clock can be attributed to Alfred and Pierre Drocourt as it bears the numbers stamp and other typical Drocourt features. Pounds 18 x 13 x 8cm An ebonised mantel - carriage clock with carry handle, gilt sight, full enamel dial showing Roman numerals and fine blued steel hands. This clock has very faint hairlines near the top of the dial which are not noticeable unless very close. The original and unusual jeweled lever , platform escapement is superb and untouched . Pounds 18 x 10 x 9cm An early oversize carriage clock with a one piece case in original condition with the Leather carry-case it would have been sold with . It has the large top glass to view the important original , off set lever ,bi-metallic balance escapement . Bevelled glasses to all sides and the white enamelled dial is clear and bright with the name 'Aird & Thomson , Glasgow and Paris Made in very small letters beneath . Circa 1880 , James Grohe is listed working from 1832-81 in Watch and Clockmakers of the World VOL2 . The fully overhauled movement is gong striking on the hour and once for the half hours.

The dial showing Roman numerals with the blued steel Breguet hands . To watch a youtube video click HERE Height 180mm , Depth 85mm , Width 95mm £4250.00 G. Pounds Richard et Cie were established in Paris circa 1850 when the fashion for small travelling clocks began. Pounds A fine example of a large 'Anglais Riche' carriage clock with push repeat . Maurice and Co who showed clocks at the Paris exhibition of 1889 . The clock is 'countwheel' striking on a bell and can be left silent (if you do not wind the strike side) . The original pair of blued steel hands which are typical of this period , striking on the hour on a bell and once on the half hour , viewing recommended . The case is polished and laquered so will not require polishing for 15 years or more!

A very good large gorge case which feels reassuringly heavy with thick bevelled glass panels to all sides. Richard & Co opened in London in 1857 at 24 Cannon Street. Pounds 18 x 14 x 10cm A fine Oval 'Grande Sonnerie' carriage clock in a gilt gorge case with an engraved dial mask. This clock will be carefully restored, serviced and regulated.

This clock also features an alarm with a selection lever to the base . This clock features the R&Co logo stamp in the bottom left corner and is number 132. This is just one of the clocks from our collection for sale. Grande sonnerie striking, Petite sonnerie and fully silent if you wish . B Guarantee £ Not for sale You do not often find these little clocks in perfect condition as they tend to loose the outer protective case.

If you are looking for a good carriage clock by a very well respected maker, this Bourdin dating to around 1870 is superb! When ready, this rare clock will be sold with a 24 month guarantee (U. Stamped to the movement JTC for the Geneva Watch Co and numbered 56229 who were fine makers and produced a range of exquisite clocks, watches and timepieces. The clock strikes the hours and half hours on an early small gong and has the alarm facility. Pounds 170mm x 120mm x 105mm A large Jean Paul Garnier carriage clock with 'Chaffcutter' escapement. Pounds 120mm x 76mm x 16mm A fine gilt, Strut timepiece signed C. The original and fine fleur-de-lys hands and finely engraved dial with the basket of plenty below the six.

The large top glass shows the original, typical Drocourt escapement with push repeat button to the edge. There is much written about Paul Garnier in the book about Carriage clocks written by C. This fine clock is currently in careful restoration. Rear wound with a key, a 30hr jeweled lever movement contained within the gilt case and stand. Pounds 90mm x 40mm x 40mm A fine small carriage timepiece in solid silver by Mappin and Webb of London.

A large top glass to view the original Bi-metallic balance and silvered platform escapement, push repeat and striking on the hour and half hour on a gong. This clock has been fully restored, which involved a complete disassembly, 3 stage clean and polish, assembly, test and regulation. Push repeat and bell striking on the Hour and half hour . The perfect enamel dial showing Roman numerals with the blued steel hands .

The movement is completely original, serviced and sold with a full 12 month guarantee. The clock is stamped 22495 which could be attributed to Henri Jacot. The movement is completely original and serviced , polished and sold with a full 12 month guarantee . This clock has been fully restored , serviced and regulated . The hallmarks for William Comyns and Sons Ltd who worked from 41-47 Beak Street, London. Pounds 19cm x 10cm x 8cm A fine and very original large carriage clock by Tupman of London . Pounds This fine gorge cased carriage clock was made by H. The clock is in very original condition with a masked dial and top glass to view the original Bi-metallic , jeweled lever escapement . Pounds 16 x 9 x 8cm A fine , satin gilt carriage clock in a superb , large early cast 'gorge' case with 2 bell strike on the quarters , push repeat facility and alarm .

165mm x 85mm x 75mm This fine carriage clock by Bourdin has a very well engraved dial mask and shows the alarm dial below the six and is signed to the center. Pounds 95mm x 50mm x 40mm This fine silver timepiece was made in 1905 by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company of Regent Street, London.

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