Dating buildings using window style

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Dating buildings using window style - Sex chat srilankan register

Victorian houses were built in terraces as more and more people moved to urban areas from the countryside.

On the ridge (where two sides of a sloping or pitched roof meet) and gable ends they often have finials, a small carved ornament on the point.The Victorian and Edwardian housing boom meant that British suburbs today are often heavily dominated by this style, as for example Peterborough's Park and City Centre Conservation Areas.As a rough rule of thumb, Edwardian housing tends to be slightly squatter than Victorian, but other features are often very similar.Also see Sarah Holloway's post on finding your way around the event directory.For Heritage Open Days, the Landmark Trust will open The Grange, the house that Augustus Pugin built for himself in Ramsgate. They appear to be single, but if you do some digging they’re actually attached.

As home inspectors, we have some tricks for figuring out the age of a house.Victorian houses often have geometric terracotta floor tiles in the porch areas and through the ground floor.They were mainly of very natural colours such as red and brown, with dark blue, black and off-white also featuring.Three-sided bay windows, which are projecting windows with a flat front and slant sides, were fashionable.The ground floor bay window often had its own roof, or it continued into a first-floor bay, again topped with a roof.Partly because of the Gothic revival, stained glass was popular in the Victorian period.