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At the opposing end is Second Life with its embrace of capitalism and intellectual property rights. Game play is open across a number of different fields.

Moving around is easy enough, and once short-cuts and mouse options are learnt it’s a pleasurable interface to use.Changes in Indiana law and gambling market demand led to the end of a casino history spanning more than two decades.The Tropicana-Casino Aztar riverboat opened in Evansville in 1995, at a time when casinos were still banned from the land in Indiana.It is a fitting tribute to the legendary trumpeter who began his career playing in New Orleans riverboats roughly 100 years ago.The new floating nightclub is expected to open mid-2018.The first casualty of the transition, the Tropicana Aztar must shed its smokestacks, which are too tall to pass under all the bridges along its journey, and undergo a significant makeover.

The boat left its dock on Monday and headed to the Evansville Marine Services for two weeks of modifications.

It will then be towed by two vessels to the Conrad Shipyard in Morgan City for the rest of its makeover.

The result will be a floating jazz club/restaurant/memorial, the Riverboat Louis Armstrong.

The addition that makes Entropia Universe a direct competitor to Second Life though is money.

Like Second Life, the in-world currency in Entropia Universe can be converted to US dollars.

Whilst you could probably enter false information, Entropia Universe does want to know who you are.

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