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Dating d Sønderborg - turkdating com

RC-CM54: 1905: The mythological heroine Gefion plowing with her four oxen. To find items available for sale follow the links at the left side or use the search box.

And on the day it entered the Top 100 they held the top four positions* on the Top 100; #1. it was through WLS in chicago that we heard the beatles blast-off to the stars on their way to greatestness.. (it wasn't till year's later that i lernt it was......can't buy me love)I like the beatles, and although i like their later stuff better than the pop stuff, i like both. I can't enjoy because of the lyrics, knowing how exploited the beatles allowed themselves to get (lunchboxes and sneakers and commercials, please.) The lyrics say A)im not too fond of money B) implies they dont got much.

Commissioned by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which founded a hospital in St. Commissioned by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which founded a hospital in St.

Designed by: Knud Kyhn: 454 copies, 8 , 22 cm RC-CM55: 1905: Seal with a salmon in its mouth. Below a fishing-net with a laurel wreath and inscription: XX AARSMDE 1905, monogram FF (Fishery Association) and crowned initials V and M (Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie, protectors of the fishery exhibition). Designed by: Arnold Krog: 666 copies, 7 , 20 cm Farvand med sejlskibe og sl med laks. net med krans og indskrift: XX AARSMDE 1905, spejlmonogram FF (Fiskeriforeningen) samt kronede monogrammer V og M (Prins Valdemar og prinsesse Marie, udstillingens protektorer). Inscription: PATRIA INTEGRA (a healthy country) 1755-1905. Inscription: PATRIA INTEGRA (a healthy country) 1755-1905. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the nursing sisters' motherhouse.

(Det r den store istandsttelse pbegyndtes under Hack Kampmanns ledelse.) Mother with child and cradle. Indskrift: MANVS QV CVNAS MOVET MVNDVM REGIT (Den hnd der rrer vuggen styrer verden).

Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the battalion.

by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in aid of its hospital in the Danish Virgin Islands. Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Royal Lifeguard Regiment. BATAILLON: round the edge the major battle in which the battalion took part: NYBORG 1659 - WISMAR 1675- RYGEN 1715- TRELDESKANSEN 1849- DYBBL 1848-64.

Royal Lifeguard on duty at Amalienborg castle, garlanded by two medallions in which the crowned monograms of F3 (King Frederik III) 1658 and F8 (King Frederik VIII) 1908. Two crossed colors with shield with inscription: -1967 and below 6. Pyramide af to faner og en standard med skjold og indskrift: 30 NOV. On the stone with an agave plant the inscription MESSINA 1908. Viking ship with the Danish coat of arms and the word CARITAS in the sail. Inscription: MANVS QV GVNAS MOVET MVNDVM REGIT (The hand that rocks the cradle, governs the world). in aid of Queen Louise's day-nursery in the Danish Virgin Islands. RC-CM76: 1907 Dronning Louises vuggestue I dansk Vestindien. Above crowned face-to-face monogram L (Queen Louise). Crowned M and anchor (Monogram of Princess Marie) in sunrays, which penetrate a cloud. John In Aalborg on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.

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