Dating emotionally immature men

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Dating emotionally immature men - a commonsense guide to successful online dating

You try to sit your husband or boyfriend down to discuss the bills that are due, but he won't stop drawing stick figures on the envelopes to make a flip book.Lightening the mood every once in a while is fine, but if he is so emotionally immature that he can't focus on anything serious, it could be a problem.

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In this case, pointing out that his rude comment makes him not a very nice person is a way to show him that he needs to fit the personality he thinks he has.

The first step is not to react to his jokes when they come at the inappropriate time.

Laughter only encourages him to keep being immature.

Like the child in his brain, he reacts irrationally to even the smallest of irritants.

He likely throws tantrums no matter where he is, including public places like restaurants and grocery stores, when he doesn't get his way.

The best thing to do if you're in a situation like this is to keep separate bank accounts and encourage him to save money or set money aside for specific frivolities.

It might sound harsh to keep your own bank account, but it's probably for the best, especially if you're not married yet.Remaining calm and trying to calm him down, but never giving in to his demands, is the best way to counteract this aspect of an emotionally immature guy.If your guy ever talks about how nice he is right after he made a rude comment about a stranger walking by, he's probably emotionally immature.One of the first signs of emotionally immature men is that they've never been in a long term relationship.The thing about men who are emotionally immature is that they hate to be alone, but they have trouble maintaining a long term relationship.If he's trying to be with you for a long time, it means he's putting in effort, but he'll need help.