Dating gay berlin

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Dating gay berlin

Two things are happening at the same time in Bulgaria—and in other societies in modern Eastern Europe.

There are electric trolley cars, cute T-shirted guys, gypsy beggars, orthodox prelates, cell phone addicts and newspaper kiosks displaying dozens of girlie magazines—but not a single gay rag.

Reflecting on this a few days later, George mused, “Gay guys are confused in their own complexity.

We all want the next cute face and body, and when we have it we are afraid of it.

Without fanfare or flourish, there we were, nine gay folks in a corner of Machaloto Restaurant doing what gay people do in Sofia…and Berlin, London, Budapest or Chicago: enjoying the evening with friends over chat and chatter with good food brought by an very attentive and subtle server. By candlelight, among hushed tones, in no hurry, lingering over chocolate desserts and cappuccino, we shared an unworried time with polite, discreet and enjoyable comrades talking local gossip or international gay politics.

The scene was remarkable in its un-remarkableness: peaceful, undisturbed and courteously treated by the restaurant staff.

Said Soldier in response to George’s dour cautions: “To some extent Sofia is only missing simply the (gay population) size like in Berlin.

However, Bulgaria is probably one of the most westernized cultures in Eastern Europe, and for sure, the most western in the Balkans.Soldier told of being bashed by mafia-type guys one night in a bar.At knife point she suffered a concussion after bring hit by one of them.“The government doesn’t have a clue about sexual orientation.The only reason they changed the law was because of the EU.On a visit to Romania she was threatened and harassed by police for trying to help a sick friend along a sidewalk.

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