Dating haitian american men

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Dating haitian american men

David had a lot of Indian-American friends, but none who had only recently arrived from India.

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Within the next week, I told my parents about David over a skype call. It might be serious and I definitely see this relationship having a future but of course, we’re not there yet—that’s not to say we won’t get there because we most likely will.” “Of course I’m ok with him! The next 45 minutes or so flew by as I told them about how we met and giving them little details so they could paint a picture of him in their mind.That was David’s way of asking for my hand in marriage.That November of 2015, David proposed to me at the Verizon Center Stadium while watching a basketball game between the Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic. Toward the end of 2016, I decided to let my extended family know about my upcoming wedding. Some of them live in Belgium, some in India, and others in the USA, but not one married someone who wasn’t Indian by heritage. But I was a bit worried about the backlash my parents would go through.I’m just very happy you thought it important to involve us in your life decisions.I hope that never changes and I wish you guys all the happiness.” Again, surprise but utter happiness took over and I excitedly called Dave to tell him about it. “Your parents are awesome, babe”., David asked my father, who is a jeweler by profession, to make him an engagement ring for me.May be that’s my I subconsciously withheld that detail. My next big challenge was telling my parents Dave was going to move in with me.

But the questions ensued and they asked if he is American. A complete shocker for Indian parents who cannot fathom a physical relationship before marriage.

I knew I might be pushing my luck but the worse that could happen is that they would be mad at me and disapprove of my lifestyle. I told them how it was important for us to live together specially after being apart for 2 years, only seeing each other once a month, to hone our relationship; to take the next step forward to figure where this was going.

I heard the hesitation in my mom’s voice disappear when my father said, “I understand why this is important for you and there’s nothing wrong in it and I hope you know you don’t need our permission; you’re all grown up now and you live independently.

The endless taunts, the racist behavior David would experience.

But to my utter disbelief, they didn’t have anything but pleasant “congratulations” to offer.

Wow, such a truly amazing love story and open minded parents.