Dating in bulawayo zimbabwe

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Dating in bulawayo zimbabwe

Sorghum starch is gluten-free, making sorghum a good alternative to wheat flour for individuals suffering from celiac disease.

Sweet sorghum is used to a limited extent in producing sorghum syrup and ‘jaggery’ (raw sugar) in India and has recently gained importance in ethanol production.Sorghum grain contains 11.3% protein, 3.3% fat and 56–73% starch.It is relatively rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and B-complex vitamins.The net present value of benefits from the cultivar S 35 was estimated at US million in Chad and US.6 million in Cameroon.The internal rate of return was 95% in Chad and 75% in Cameroon.Sorghum blended with wheat flour has been used over the last two decades to produce baked products, including yeast-leavened pan, hearth and flatbreads, cakes, cookies, and flour tortillas.

Malt drinks and malt cocoa-based weaning food and baby foods are popular in Nigeria.Both yield and quality are affected by a wide array of biotic stresses (pests and diseases) and abiotic stresses such as drought and problematic soils.In the second group (industrialized countries and some developing countries), production is modern, mechanized, high-input and large-scale, sorghum is primarily used for animal feed, and yields are higher.In many of these areas, sorghum is a dual-purpose crop: both grain and stems are highly valued outputs. In the first group (primarily in Asia and Africa), production is traditional, subsistence and small-scale, and sorghum is mainly used for food.Yields are generally low and can vary considerably from year to year.Yields in 1978––2010 were virtually the same (14 kilograms per hectare).

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