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Based on AS Byatt’s prize-winning novel of the same name, it’s a literary tale.

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(Several contributors wanted to remain anonymous, so not every item is credited to someone.) Special thanks are due to Joan, who provided many of the photos that accompany this post; to Skippy QSB, whose beautiful screencaps also provided photos (via JNI); and to Gill, who supplied the audio clips and always makes my JN Blog posts look so spiffy. Jeremy’s need for variety in his roles and dislike of typecasting.

Roland seeks out La Motte expert (and Christabel’s distant relative) Maude Bailey (Gwyneth Paltrow).

The story follows Maude and Roland’s journey of discovery as they uncover what really happened, and also as they deal with their developing feelings for one another.

Fifty of them, one for every year he’s been in the world.

I asked for assistance in compiling my list from the group of ardent admirers who frequent Jeremy Northam Chat and Jeremy Northam Info as well as this blog. My sincere thanks to everyone who was able to contribute ideas.

He’s got a penchant for aloof yuppie scum, as evidenced in relationships, living happily as a bachelor and lone ranger.

Paltrow, on the other hand, expresses her character through a tightly wound hair-bun and shrill, me-so-bitchy line readings. He can create a whole being on paper; not always the nicest of folks as we La Bute fans know; but yet so complete with minute idiosyncrasies and great dialogs rich with truth.

But Wikipedia lists one further entry for the date, and it’s the one that makes 1 HOLLYWOOD – MARCH 24: Actor Jeremy Northam arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “Blood River” at the Lloyd E.

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For close to 25 of those 50 years he has been one of the best actors, of any nationality, in the business.

To mark this milestone in Jeremy’s life, I thought a list of reasons why we admire the man would be in order.

It’s hardly worth noting the Northam-Ehle period scenes, since they’re mostly done in the form of pretty montages. I can’t recall ever being disappointed by his work and here is no exception. It is a rare truly romantic film that doubles, oddly enough, as a twisting mystery. ” But he’ll have to wait his turn.) For me personally, is significant as the movie that made me sit up and take notice of this handsome and talented actor; it was my “where has this guy been all my life?! And from what I’ve been reading lately, I’m not alone in this.