Dating married persian women

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Dating married persian women - online dating in wiltshire

Match-making and dating websites are deemed illegal by the administration, so almost all the Iran-based websites for meeting people are chat rooms and not designated for match-making.

, broke the ground and got quite a few members of the gay population together covertly.His website publishes marriage candidates’ details, like their physical appearance and whether or not they've been married.Then, registered members request the website to find them a suitable partner based on their information. Such match-making websites are rare, however, and exist only because of their religious backing."All I knew," she says, "was that he was unable to hold a job. Once we moved in together on our wedding night, I found out that he is addicted to crystal meth.Had we initially met in person, this would have been very unlikely." But, most young, tech-savvy Iranians who have found dates through chat rooms, continue to frequent these online spaces and enjoy chatting, even if it doesn't result in a real-life meeting or a serious relationship.He believes families in which the husband is 10 to 15 years younger than his wife are expected to face many challenges.

Abhari said unemployment and economic problems lead a number of younger men to marry older women, adding that in a large number of such families, women are working outside home and providing financial support.

This is what my two friends and I, the co-founders of this website, pride ourselves on the most.

To start such a website, be active and even thrive on it in total freedom, like the Persian-language chat rooms and dating websites operating outside Iran, is no art.

Fariba found her ex-husband in an Iranian chat room and met up with him after four chatting sessions.

He is a Sharif University graduate, brilliant and good-looking.

Majid Abhari, a specialist in behavioral sciences, said a husband should preferably be one to eight years older than his wife, but the marriage of a man to a woman one to three years older is not problematic.