Dating my dead boyfriends best friend

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Dating my dead boyfriends best friend - marsha thomason dating

It is too late now for you to have the conversation with her that you might have had when he was alive about your friendship with her husband. Later, a Google search confirmed everything he told me: his first and last names, where he lives, his job (he's a doctor), etc. It had been published just one month prior to when we met!

I was told, "Family and close friends only, dear," by an older lady I can only guess was his wife's relative. What's worse is that none of the guys except my fiancé seem to get why I am hurt at being shut out.

Friend's Wife Excluded Me From Funeral: My best friend and I had been close since college.

I outlasted girlfriends and even other friends in his life.

I assume that he wasn't on a break at all, and that he used me to cheat on her while he was out of town.

Now I'm wondering if I should contact his fiancée and let her know what happened.

Some of his girlfriends didn't like me, so I was really happy when he married someone who seemed like she was just my kind of girl.

My now-fiancé and I stayed close to them over the years, although I noticed that my friend's wife was a perfectly polite hostess but much cooler to me.

I've tried gently pointing out that his mother's outlook is good and that the kids really miss their dad when he's gone every evening and suggesting that he limit the hours spent at the hospital.

He just calls me insensitive and callous for keeping him from his family while his mother is ill.

But it also sounds like hanging out at the hospital is a convenient escape for your husband from family life.

Sitting by his mother's bedside (and maybe commandeering the TV remote during football season) also may make him feel useful since you indicate your husband's work life is unrewarding.

Now he is gone and his widow must deal with her loss and rebuild her life. : A couple of months ago, I met a man in a bar who was visiting my city for the night.