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The attacks required satellite navigation data that are not available on the internet, complex engineering works and elaborate tests, Gen Novikov said...A drinker in Russia was so desperate to get his hands on a bottle of wine that he stole an armoured vehicle, drove it to a supermarket, rammed it through the front and then grabbed a bottle off the shelves.With countries having their own set of strict traditions, it is easy to inadvertently offend the locals.

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Four Japanese-built penetrators inherited from the Lunar-A were to be used, each 45 kg (100 lb), including 14 kg (31 lb) for the penetrator proper.Handily, people have been sharing tips on what visitors should never do on US-based forum Quora., meaning Lunar sphere) is a Moon exploration programme by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) meant to progress toward the creation of a fully robotic lunar base.Furthermore, seismic experiments were planned, including the use of four penetrators, which will slam into the lunar surface equipped to detect seismic signals.These experiments are expected to help clarify the origin of the Moon.The programme is based on plans dating back to 1997.

Due to financial problems, however, the programme's first mission, the Luna 25 lander, was put on hold only to be revived a few years later.

Initially scheduled for launch in 2012 The Luna-Glob programme is a continuation of the Soviet Union Luna programme that sent at least twenty-four orbiters and landers between 19 to the Moon, of which fifteen were successful.

The last mission was Luna 24, launched on 9 August 1976.

Luna-Resurs (Luna 27) was initially planned as a joint orbiter-rover mission (the orbiter was to be the Indian Chandrayaan-2) that will feature a 58 kg Russian Polar Moon Rover and lander, as part of the International Lunar Network.

This mission will land in Moon's south pole, examine a crater and operate for up to one year.

Now you can search the entire data base in a matter of several minutes.