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Acknowledging this gentleman for his kindness ,understanding and professionalism would let other managers, CEO and staff members pass this along.This was a special circumstance and might never happen again but acknowledging his professionalism and rewarding his work will forever have been the ultimate gift.

I didn’t catch his name but I am sure you know who your managers are you sure know how to pick them that’s for sure…

Today the company is once again embroiled in controversy between Mike’s son Arthur T. The girl at the register tried entering my bank card two more times with the same results.

Total sale was 117.00 and I only had 73.00 on the card and 20.00 in cash.

I was then able to travel to my Honda dealer for a replacement, in warranty, battery.

All of that preceded the impending blizzard and sub-zero wind-chills.

This is not how management should be & I think he needs some training on how to keep staff happy & still be effective as a manager.

For someone to hate their job is unacceptable, you guys have a reputation of being great to your employees.Within 15 years the brothers had transformed and expanded the store into a chain of 15 supermarkets.When George died in 1971, Mike became the sole owner of the chain. Today De Moulas Market Basket is #127 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Companies, has 19,000 employees, and had .55 billion in revenue in 2013. Reply Hi, I had to write this little note and would like to address Corporate. Living in Newport RI being a Island I don’t have many choices where to shop especially when I have to save money grocery shopping so I go to Fall River.Despite my relatively new car, and my AAA Membership, I needed their help in getting my car started, due to a dead battery.After 15 minutes of using the front-end manager’s cell phone in trying to contact AAA (without success) Frank stayed with me outside until he could maneuver his car close enough to mine (in reach of my jumper cables) for a jump-start.In 1916 Athanasios (Arthur) and Efrosini Demoulas opened a grocery store that specialized in lamb in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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